Graffiti Removal & Power Washing in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ

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Residential Power Washing Services

Here at EZ Clean we specialize in removing tough stains and hard-to-remove substances from residential homes and properties. Our high-powered machines heats up the water to out about 250℉ and 3500psi to blast away months or even years of built up staining caused by paint, oil, grease, tire marks, etc. Keep your home clean year around with scheduled cleanings or call us out one time for a deep cleaning; whatever the case may be, you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction. We do it all: from driveways, to entries, patios, walls, RVs, decks, bird poo removal, house washing, the list goes on. Call today for a free estimate and get EZ Clean Power Washing out to your home.

Commercial Power Washing Services

If it can get wet, we can pressure wash it. In Arizona we experience a lot of dirt and debris build up so it is vital to keep your property looking tip-top. Here at EZ Clean we pressure wash buildings, walkways, dumpster pad, parking structures, shopping carts, play area, picnic areas and much, much more. Some of our commercial clients include restaurants, hotels, banks, convenience stores, and other retail locations all throughout Arizona. Fully licensed and insured we are prepared to take on any job thrown our way. We are one of Arizona’s premier pressure washing company and we want to help keep your property looking tip-top.

Graffiti Removal Services

When it comes to unsightly graffiti on your property, make sure to give EZ Clean a call as we specialize in graffiti removal from all surfaces! There are generally two ways to deal with graffiti, either chemically or paint over it. If we cannot remove it, we will cover it. Whether it be on concrete, brick, glass, plastic, street signs, etc; we our your one stop for professional graffiti removal! Our trained technicians, and high powered machines can restore your property to its original look. Call today to see what we can do for you!

Window and Screen Washing

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Kitchen Hood Cleaning

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