Commercial & Residential Power Washing and Pressure Washing Services in Arizona

If you are in need of commercial and residential pressure washing services, team up with one of the best companies in Arizona today. EZ Clean Power Washing utilizes the latest equipment and chemicals, ensuring you get the results desired. You name it, we wash it!

What’s the Difference Between D-I-Y and a Professional

Do It Yourself

Understandably, everyone tries to save money through DIY projects. And it’s the same for many individuals across Phoenix, Tucson, and other areas across the state. But the truth is that you might actually spend more or cause further damage to your property if you resort to this and not operate right. Pressure washers, like any tool, can be dangerous if not used properly. In addition to injury, you can, say, permanently etch concrete, strip off paint, or make oil stains worse. There's also the chance you'll stretch the timeframe for the project from two days to a full week or more. Fortunately, our residential and commercial power/pressure washing services in Arizona can be more budget friendly than you think.


Hiring a professional ensures that your project is taken care of and done with expertise, whether you’re in Phoenix, Tucson, or anywhere else in Arizona. It also allows you to have it done at your convenience, with the results, timeframe, and expenses guaranteed — no surprises. Whether it’s for selling your property, having a party, HOA (Homeowner’s Association) needs, or just routine maintenance, hiring a professional will ensure that your residential or commercial pressure washing needs are efficiently met, saving you from the risk of wasted time, effort, and money.

Depending on the surface and the stain, our professionals might switch between high pressure washing and low pressure washing, especially when it comes to glass panels or sandstone surfaces. Rest assured that we are fully insured, and our technicians are thoroughly trained to operate such machinery. The optimal pressure or temperature to be used in relation to the type of surface are considered during the process. This helps effectively clean the surface while maintaining its integrity.

EZ Clean Power Washing is Arizona's leading pressure washing company. Backed up by years of working with both residential and commercial clients in and around Phoenix and Tucson, we have the technical know-hows and practical experience that will guarantee quality results and make you glad you chose us.