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We at EZ Clean Power Washing value the privacy of our users. Indicated in this Privacy Policy are our tools and methods on how we gather, retain, and use information from our valued users whenever they visit and explore various features found on our website.

EZ Clean Power Washing strictly follows the data protection legislation and regulation which includes, but is not limited to, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679. Our Privacy Policy is a detailed legal statement explaining how we may collect information from our users, how we may share that information, and how our users can limit us from sharing their personal data. Any information such as personal data gathered, retained, and shared shall be processed accordingly and with strict adherence to any data protection legislation and regulations. The company also takes full accountability for the controlling and regulation of all the data collected from users.

Making use of any of our website’s features and services will serve as an indication of the user’s approval with regards to our gathering, retaining, analyzing, and utilizing the user’s information based on the purpose of this Privacy Policy. EZ Clean Power Washing holds exclusive rights on any addition, removal, and modification of any part of this Privacy Policy. Any changes made shall take effect once posted.

Effective Date: January 4, 2021

I. Consent

By using our Service, you agree to this policy and the provisions stated herein. Any form of utility of our Service shall be considered as your consent to our collection, retention, disclosure, transfer, and analysis of your data.

II. Information Collection and Use

EZ Clean Power Washing may use different tools and procedures to collect information from our users. Said tools and procedures may include, but are not limited to forms, emails, as well as other social media platforms.

To provide the best service for our users, we plan on expanding our marketing and advertising campaigns. To do this, analyzing information that we gather is considered of the utmost importance. Even so, EZ Clean Power Washing shall not disclose any information to third-party entities for the purpose of security and privacy unless the user gives clear consent to do so.  In cases where personal information about the user is needed, we will promptly inform the user before proceeding to do so. Upon approval, only then will we release the said information.

Types of Data Collected

  1. Personal Data

While visiting EZ Clean Power Washing’s website we may ask you to provide us with personal information that can be used to identify you. It may also be necessary for you to be able to access and use other features of the website as well as to contact you. Information collected may pertain to references, specific behaviors, patterns, and others. The information collected is analyzed and used to improve the overall user experience we provide. Personal information collected may include, but are not limited to:

Contact Form:

  • First and Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Request a Quote

  • First and Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

 2. Personal Data

We use the help of tools such as Cookies that gather information called Usage Data to help us understand how users access and use our Service. Information collected for Usage Data includes, but are not limited to the following:

    • Date and time the user visited the website
    • Time span of the user in relation to using our Service
    • Browser information
    • Information about the user’s device i.e., Phone, laptop, etc.
    • Browsing history
    • IP address (Internet Protocol Address)

III. How We Collect Your Personal Data

We at EZ Clean Power Washing analyze personal data of our users collected when they willingly provide us with their personal information as well as when they access our contact page or navigate our website. We only store data that is necessary and crucial to our Service and the data collected helps us to further improve user experience as well as our Service.

Whenever users provide information by navigating our website or filling out our online forms, some of the information given will be stored in our database.

Here are some of the ways we are able to store your personal data:

  • When you enabling cookies on your device
  • When you provide personal information by:
    • Filling out our web forms
    • Contacting us
  • Log Files (Log Data)

A log file records a list of events, procedures, or communications that occur on our Service. By this means, we are able to utilize IP addresses in order to manage the site, collect user demographic information, track and analyze user behaviors. IP addresses are not linked to any personally identifiable information.

IV. Cookies Policy

EZ Clean Power Washing uses cookies to improve our Service and enhance our users’ browsing experience through a user-friendly interface. Cookies are packets of data that are stored on your devices such as desktop computers, laptops, or mobile devices such as smartphones. While it is stored on your devices, it collects data which are then sent back to our website.

Cookies play a vital role in keeping track of data which reflects each user’s visits as well as activities on our Service. Data stored in our cookies shall serve as unique anonymous identifiers of each user who visits our website. Information stored may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • When your most recent visit to our Service was
  • Which Settings you prefer
  • All information you’ve provided in our online forms

These are the cookies we use:

  • Session Cookies. In order to operate our Service, we use Session Cookies to enable users to move from page to page without being asked repeatedly to provide their personal information.
  • Preference Cookies. We use Preference Cookies to remember your preferences. By using these cookies, users would not need to set various settings such as their preferred language and the region that they are in whenever they open a website.
  • Security Cookies. We use Security Cookies for security purposes such as user authentication. This will help us prevent unauthorized parties from accessing the users’ personal data.

If you wish to block the cookies from collecting any information, please close the tab or browser to completely prohibit any data collection.

V. Service Providers

We at EZ Clean Power Washing employ third-party companies and individual service providers to assist us with our Service. Along with that, these third-party companies will also perform related tasks and provide services on behalf of EZ Clean Power Washing on occasion.

We may allow third parties to access our database of personal information belonging to every user who utilizes our Service in order for them to be able to perform some tasks on our behalf. However, take note that they will be prohibited from sharing these pieces of information as well as use it for purposes that are not in any way related to our Terms of Service.

   a.  Analytics

  1. Google Analytics is classified as a freemium web application that is currently offered by Google. This application can be used to track as well as report user traffic on EZ Clean Power Washing’s website. (Freemium is defined as a pricing strategy whereby the users are allowed to use or access free services and products. That being said, money will be charged for any other additional virtual goods, services, or features.) You can read their Privacy Policy here.

Information they collect:

  • Users’ devices, browsers, and apps
  • Pages a user has clicked while using our Service, and other usage habits
  • Information on a user’s location, such as their IP address


 b.  Payment Processors

We may also utilize the services of various payment processors through which personal information may be collected upon payment processing. Such collection is already outside of our control and coverage of our policy. Depending on which processor we may utilize, their respective Privacy Policy applies. V

VI. Use of Data

EZ Clean Power Washing uses data collected from their users for the following purposes:

  • Providing better service for our customers
  • Seamlessly notifying users of every update regarding our Service
  • Creating a better platform for the participation of our users
  • Providing as well as enhancing our customer care and support
  • Tracking our visitors’ usage
  • Detecting, resolving, and preventing technical issues as soon as possible

 VII. Retention of Data

All Personal Data will be retained for as long as it is deemed necessary for the intended purposes stated in this Privacy Policy or until you delete your account. We will maintain and utilize your Personal Data when it is necessary for compliance with our legal responsibilities, settlement of disputes, and enforcement of our legal agreements and policies.

Usage Data will also be retained on our database for analysis to serve the purposes aforementioned in this Privacy Policy (See Section IV). We will retain Usage Data for a shorter span of time unless the extension of retention period is necessary for the improvement of data security and enhancement of the performance and usability of our Service; or it is needed as a requirement for us to adhere to our legal obligations.

VIII. Transfer of Data

The use of our Service signifies your consent to have your personal data and information collected, retained, and/or transferred to different databases. This also includes computers that can be located outside of your country and your country’s governmental jurisdiction. In this case, data protection laws may vary from laws that are under your country’s jurisdiction.

Information that may include the personal data of users that are outside of the United States will be collected, transferred as well as processed back to the United States. Take note, however, that the data collected will not be limited to personal information only. Additionally, filling out and submitting forms on our website will indicate the users’ agreement with the use of our Service.

Rest assured that EZ Clean Power Washing will take all steps that are necessary in ensuring the safe handling of your data. Furthermore, we will not allow transfer of your personal data to a different country or organization unless we can determine the security of your data and other personal information.

IX. Disclosure of Data

EZ Clean Power Washing shall not disclose any information to any third-party entities for the purpose of security and privacy unless the user gives clear consent to do so.  In cases where personal information about the user is needed, we will promptly inform the user before proceeding to do so. Necessary information will only be given when the user clearly gives his/her consent.

The release of users’ personal data shall be allowed solely if its disclosure is necessary to meeting legal requirements which include:

  • Abiding by legal commitments (i.e., to be used as evidence in the investigation of a crime)
  • Protecting the rights and properties of EZ Clean Power Washing
  • Putting a stop to irregularities and breaches in connection with the Service
  • Ensuring the safety and security of users with regards to their data
  • Protecting EZ Clean Power Washing from legal liabilities

X. Security of Data

EZ Clean Power Washing prioritizes the security of all personal information or data that are collected by us. However, users should also be aware that not all modes of electronic transmission and storage over the Internet are completely secure at all times. Therefore, we cannot promise the unconditional security of your personal data. In spite of this, we do our best to utilize commercially acceptable modes of protection to ensure the safety of every piece of data we collect.

XI. Deletion of Data

EZ Clean Power Washing allows users to create accounts to maximize the use of our Service. Creating an account involves the conscious input of personal data. All of this data is subject to the protections, provisions, exceptions, and disclaimers stated from Sections I to X. We also provide users with accounts with the ability to access, rectify, port and erase data across devices

We store a user’s data until it is no longer necessary in providing our services or until the user’s account is deleted. This is a case-by-case determination that depends on factors such as the nature of the data, the reason behind why it is collected and processed, and relevant legal or operational needs.

The administerial control of all accounts is under our responsibility.  Therefore, the deletion of your account can solely be accomplished by emailing or calling us. However, by removing your account, all your information previously collected and retained are also deleted from our database and will not be retrievable in any way.

XII. Links to Other Sites

EZ Clean Power Washing may incorporate links in our Service that direct to external or third-party websites that are outside of our control and operation. By tapping on these links, you will be directed to the external site that it represents. Consequently, we highly encourage you to thoroughly survey every third-party website’s Privacy Policy before clicking on these links.

We do not, in any way, have responsibility as far as these third-party websites are concerned. We do not have control over their policy practices and privacy coverages.

XIII. Children’s Privacy

EZ Clean Power Washing follows through legal and commercially acceptable steps as far as data collection, retention, and disclosure are concerned. These procedures are implemented without forcing users to do so. However, the collection of information, including personal data, is a requirement if a user must continue to utilize our Service. Those who wish to use our Service must voluntarily provide the required information. Nevertheless, we do not enable the use of our Service to anyone under the age of 16.

We do not purposefully gather, hold, nor do we share individual information. We operate under the presumption that every user willingly provided those data we collected. However, we entirely forbid the gathering, maintenance, and sharing of any individual data from anyone under 16 years old. If such incidents occur and we become aware of it, we implement the important steps to expel this data from our database appropriately. In addition, we will likewise take extra security measures to ensure that any similar occurrences do not happen again.

If you discover that your child has unintentionally or deliberately provided us with any individual data, contact us immediately so that we can begin identifying any individual information given to us. After which, we will delete all of the data in question that were acquired on our database.

XIV. Request for Data Update or Removal

In the event that you wish to update the information that you had previously provided or want to remove some data that you had submitted, you can communicate your request to us by emailing EZ Clean Power Washing. You can also give us a call or send us a message through our contact form found on our website.

XV. Changes to our Privacy Policy

We at EZ Clean Power Washing reserve the right to remove or revise certain parts of our Privacy Policy without earlier notice. Upon effectivity of those changes, our customers are then required to agree to the terms and conditions of our updated Privacy Policy.

XVI. How to Contact EZ Clean Power Washing

For questions or any concerns about our PRIVACY POLICY, do not hesitate to call us at 520-488-1734 or at 602-653-0118 or send us an email at or at You can also leave us a message on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Stay updated for any changes regarding our Privacy Policy that may affect you and your business by routinely checking it. You can access it by visiting