Tucson & Phoenix Power Washing Services & Pressure Washing Services

Power Washing/Pressure Washing Services

Our power washing and pressure washing services are meant for tough stains and substances on a wide variety of surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, brick, metal, glass, and plastic. We use highly effective pieces of equipment that utilizes high pressure and temperatures to blast off stains and stubborn dirt.


Graffiti Removal Services

Graffiti usually takes away the sense of elegance or professionalism from a property, so most people want it gone as soon as possible. We offer 24-hour graffiti removal services across Phoenix, Tucson, and surrounding areas. Our trained technicians will know exactly how to approach any vandalized surface and restore your property to its original look.


Sanitizing/Disinfecting Services

Disinfection and sanitation procedures are becoming a staple in our daily lives, especially since viral outbreaks and bacteria are becoming a serious concern among residents and business owners in Phoenix, Tucson, and other areas across Arizona. To ensure that your office and or home is free from potentially life-threatening germs and viruses, partner with EZ Clean Power Washing. We thoroughly treat and disinfect areas within and around your home or office, using effective cleaning chemicals and solutions that removes germs and viruses without compromising the safety of our clients and their loved ones.


Our offices are based in Phoenix and Tucson, and we serve different areas all over Arizona. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for our pressure washing or power washing services and other cleanup solutions, or use our contact form and send us a direct message today. Rest assured our experienced staff is available to answer any of your questions and/or concerns.