Phoenix & Tucson Graffiti Removal Services

EZ Clean Power Washing specializes in graffiti cleanup and removal services for clients across Phoenix, Tucson, and surrounding areas. With vandalism such as graffiti or “tags” showing up on a regular basis, we’re at the forefront of cleanup initiatives that not only effectively remove them from clients’ premises, but also keep their property looking appealing to others. For these reasons, we offer a 24 hour graffiti removal service. Let us know the urgency of your needs and we will make sure to get it done in a timely manner.


We Have Different Graffiti Cleanup Methods We Implement Depending on the Situation

Pressure Washing

Sometimes, surfaces and materials used for the "tag" only require heated pressure washing to remove it without the use of chemicals. This is not always the case, but we will always let you know, as this is the least expensive way.


The use of chemical solutions is the most common approach to remove graffiti. Those that have settled for a time or on a sensitive surface require this approach. In such cases, pressure washing and chemical application are both used for proper graffiti cleanup. All of our chemicals are EPA-friendly.

Cover Ups

This is considered to be the last resort when dealing with graffiti removal. If the tag proves to be difficult to remove or if the cover up is more cost effective, we go for repainting as long as the surface allows for it, going as far as to match the color of the surface.

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Tucson & Phoenix Graffiti Cleanup Services

If you're a resident of Phoenix, Tucson, or any surrounding areas, EZ Clean Power Washing is your choice for graffiti cleanup and removal services. With our team of professionals implementing the appropriate solutions, any kind of unwanted vandalism on your property is properly removed without causing any damages. Give us a call today at 602-653-0118 for the Phoenix area and 520-488-1734 for the Tucson area. You can also send us a direct message if you have any concerns or inquiries. Give us a call today to see what we can save for you!