Screen and Window Cleaning Services in Arizona

EZ Clean Power Washing offers window cleaning and washing services to both residential and commercial clients across Phoenix, Tucson, and many other areas all across Arizona. The state is known for monsoons, dust storms, and high winds, so dust can easily build up between the screens, frames, and tracks of any building. And since regularly cleaning your windows keeps allergens down and critters away, these services are a must in the state.

We usually perform our window cleaning and washing services by hand with a brush and squeegee, the good-old-fashioned way. But we do have spotless water fed poles for hard-to-reach windows and other objects such as solar panels. Either way, we will approach your property with a plan of action, execute it, and leave you with shiny and clean windows.

Our Window Cleaners Have Got You Covered

At EZ Clean Power Washing, we provide the best window cleaning and washing services around Phoenix, Tucson, and nearby areas. We utilize the latest cleaning and pressure washing equipment to properly clean windows, leaving them as spotless as they should be.

Not only that, but our cleaning methods are also ideal for screens of all types. For people using screens on their windows, they might have tried cleaning them on their own at one point, and they could definitely say it’s not that easy. Let our cleaners do the dirty work so you can focus on what’s more important for you.

We make it a point to uphold the highest degree of standards when it comes to both window washing and screen cleaning as we believe that it’s not about simply accomplishing the task at hand, but doing it with a sense of passion and dedication that makes a company worth the client’s investment. So, the next time your property is due for a window or screen cleaning, there’s no need to go through all the effort of washing them on your own. Partner with EZ Clean so you can sit back while our window cleaners handle the job for you.

For more information on our window cleaning and washing services, give us a call at either of our numbers or send us an email. We also have offices operating in Phoenix and Tucson that you can visit. Let us know where you are so we can cater to you at the soonest. Our staff is more than willing to assist you with any of your window/screen cleaning concerns.