Disinfection and Sanitation Services - Phoenix and its Surrounding Areas

Disinfection and sanitation services are making their mark in the local market these days. While it’s true that bacteria and viruses have long been integrated into our system since time immemorial, some can still definitely pose a serious threat. The recent surge of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) is an eye opener to all of us and pushes everyone to take disinfection and sanitation more seriously. Here at EZ Clean Power Washing, we’re no different.

We understand how important it is to keep you and others around you safe from the hazards that germs and viruses can bring. Property owners, both residential and commercial, know the dangers of being exposed to them, as well as the repercussions that may ensue after contraction.


Bacteria is quite common, and some are even beneficial to both people in terms of food, digestion, and even fighting cancer. While the name itself can send the wrong impressions, there’s no need to worry as only 1% causes diseases on humans. Even so, it doesn’t mean it could no longer cause harm.


Viruses on the other hand are the more dangerous ones and definitely require immediate attention. Unlike bacteria that can live without a host, viruses require one to survive. That’s why transmission is common among virus infections. And while hand washing definitely helps, it’s not always a guarantee.

Both bacteria and viruses can remain on various surfaces for a period of time. So even if your hands are clean, you can still contract it through the surfaces that you touch. That’s why disinfection measures can definitely help secure your home or place of business.

Hire the Most Reputable Disinfection and Sanitation Service Provider this Side of Arizona

If you’re from around Phoenix, Tucson, or anywhere around those areas of Arizona, partner with EZ Clean today. We guarantee thorough cleanup of all surfaces within and around your property. Whether it’s residential properties or business establishments, we’ll equally provide a high standard of sanitation solutions. Using chemicals and cleaning procedures that are as effective as they are safe, you can be sure that we effectively rid your property of viruses and bacteria without harming you or the people around you.

Your safety is imperative. So, make sure you secure your safety and well being. Disinfect your property today! Contact EZ Clean if you’re a resident of Phoenix or Tucson for quality disinfection and sanitation services. You can also fill out our contact form to send us a direct message.